It is very likely that you have come this far looking for a Brokereo review that is objective and neutral. In this article we are going to offer you an in-depth analysis of this broker, including all the steps that we have carried out to carry out the study. So you can reproduce it yourself and come to an informed decision.
In this article we focus on the analysis of the trust, security and services of Brokereo. We attach special importance to trust, since it is essential to establish a framework that favors obtaining good results.
If we distrust the broker we work with, it is very likely that we will end up doing things wrong, or that we will suffer more stress than necessary. If you are afraid that when you make a withdrawal to your account the money will not reach you, perhaps you are not working with the correct company.
Trading is a complex activity that requires concentration, so all the hassles you can avoid, the better.
We started with the report now, keep reading!
What is Brokereo?
Within the trading sector, there are numerous companies that offer financial services to trade contracts for difference on underlying assets. They make a catalog of assets available to the client, and with the supplied software tools, you can operate in a transparent way.
Brokereo is one of those trading platforms that provides a catalog of assets to trade using contracts for difference (CFDs). It is a very versatile tool, since it allows you to invest without having to buy or sell the associated asset. For example, we can invest in cryptocurrencies saving us the need to have an electronic wallet or to register in an exchange house. This makes dynamic investment much easier and faster where we can use leverage to multiply potential profits (but also potential losses, so be careful if you are starting out in CFD trading).
Due to the flexibility and power of CFDs, they have become quite popular and there are many platforms that offer these types of tools. Brokereo stands out for several reasons, which have led us to prepare this report, and we will see below.
What makes a broker better?
As we have already mentioned, the best broker is the one you can trust. But beware, these companies are not there to make decisions for you, but to provide you with the tools and access to the market that you need. The management of your operations is the sole responsibility of the trader.
The trading platform must ensure the safeguarding of your money, the proper execution of your orders, the availability of a personal attention line, and the ability to offer you updated and ready-to-operate software with all the guarantees. If you fail in any of these points (especially the one related to money), problems arise.
It is important to note that online trading platforms are not always what they seem. Anyone can set up a website that looks like a serious company, and then run away with your savings. Therefore, the first step we are going to take is to thoroughly verify if we are dealing with a real and legal company.
Is Brokereo a legal and regulated broker?
It is essential to verify that the trading platform we are studying is a totally legal company. Although it may seem obvious in some cases, it does not hurt to check it out.
And why is this important?
It is essential. The different laws on financial services oblige companies to comply with a series of requirements aimed at safeguarding the interests of clients, preventing them from being the victims of deception or abuse. In this way, regulated brokers must implement measures to ensure that their clients receive their funds when they request them without excessive waiting. In addition, they must inform about the risks of the products, and protect personal data and sensitive information.
All regulated brokers are required to publish their public business data on their website, as well as certain documents related to the requirements that we have listed in the previous paragraph.
In the case of Brokereo, we observe that they have a link in the main menu itself, which takes [AL1] you to a page that contains all the collected documents.

You can also consult company data in the footer of the web page.
After verifying the documents, we can summarize the following:
• Commercial register: Every legally established company must be registered in the commercial register of the city or region where it was created. In this case, we see that Brokereo is actually a trademark owned and operated by from Concorde Investments, a company based in Limassol (Cyprus) and head office at Andrea Zappa, 4, GROUND FLOOR, OFFICE 1, Germasogeia, 4040, Limassol, Cyprus.

Indeed, ifyou enter the commercial register of Limassol, it can be verified that Concorde Investments is registered correctly.

• Regulation: Likewise, Brokereo is an authorized and regulated broker by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and its license number is 189/13. Therefore, it must comply with the stringent requirements imposed by the government regulatory agent, something that offers a greater degree of investor protection.

• MiFID II: In addition to the above, Brokereo complies with the so-called MiFID II, directive 2014/65 / EU that regulates financial services offered in the European Union. It is a regulation created to guarantee a series of consumer protections for these services, and it is one more guarantee that is added to the previous ones.

In other words, in the legal aspect, Brokereo is an impeccable company, with all the papers in order and up to date. This is very important when it comes to feeling safe when depositing money, operating and withdrawing funds. It gives great peace of mind to know that it is a serious and real company.
What do the specialized media and users think?
Complying with the law is important, but it is also necessary to check the reputation of the broker on the internet.
To investigate this section, two types of channels can be distinguished:
• Media: articles, analysis, reviews, awards, mentions, etc.
• Users: forums, social media groups, ratings on various platforms, etc.
Within the first group, Brokereo appears in a large number of reviews prepared by specialists (like this one you are reading), as well as in various awards. The one awarded by The European Global Ranking & Finance as the Best Retail FX Broker in Europe in 2020 stands out. It is not a minor award, since it is a prestigious entity that only includes the best in its awards. But it also has some more, such as The Best CFD Broker 2020 by World Financial Award, The Best Forex CFD Provider by World Forex Award or Most Reliable Broker in Europe by A + OZ.
In the forums and social networks channel, we have also been able to verify that Brokereo enjoys very good ratings, above the industry average. Users tend to emphasize its customer service, which is very efficient and decisive.
As we have verified, Brokereo is a trading platform highly valued both by the specialized press and by veteran traders and users in general.
How is the customer service?
We have commented before that users highlight the customer service offered by Brokereo. Let me tell you something: this is a very important point that most online brokers tend to suspend.
I am going to be resounding in an aspect that I consider essential: if you cannot communicate with the company in real time, at least through live chat, I advise you to consider another option. Ideally, you should have a direct telephone service line. And because? Because you can always have an urgent problem and you need immediate help, not waiting for someone to answer an email one day.
What's more ... I don't know about you, but if I can speak directly to someone, it gives me much more security.
Brokereo offers you all the options: it has a personalized telephone service line, live chat and email.
And to put the service to the test, we decided to make a call and see if the service is certainly as good as it is said. The truth is that they treated us like a fable, quickly and efficiently. The agent had deep knowledge of trading and was able to correctly answer the questions we asked him.
So can I trust Brokereo?
Trust is a paramount value, as we have already mentioned. We have analyzed the basic pillars in the previous points, and we believe that Brokereo fully complies with them. It is a legal and regulated company, it has a good reputation and its customer service is excellent.
You can open an account and make your deposits normally.
How is your product catalog?
We are now going to describe what Brokereo offers. You can also visit their website if you want to know more about their services, since here we describe them in a summarized way.
As we already mentioned, it is a trading platform that provides a catalog of assets where you can operate through contracts for difference. Its products cover many markets, and you can work with all those that you consider interesting for your investor profile.

You have the following products at your disposal:
 CFDs on Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin ... many of these cryptocurrencies represent a potential opportunity for savvy traders who know when to invest in them. It is a revolutionary market, but already settled, although characterized by high volatility that opens the doors to interesting operations.
 CFDs on Raw materials and precious metals: Cotton, corn, oil, coal, gold, platinum ... you can invest in them without having to buy or sell anything.
 CFDs on Stocks and indices: Apple, IBM, 3M, NASDAQ, Dow Jones… all the excitement of the stock market at your fingertips, without complications.
 CFDs on Forex: Forex, the currency exchange market, could not be missing. A classic with millions of traders who trade daily.
The product catalog is extensive, and it is really unlikely that you need something that is not here.
And what tools do they offer to operate?
Brokereo offers a mobile application, a desktop application and an access to Webtrader. That is, you have everything you need to work in any situation.

The most powerful application is Meta Trader 4 (MT4) for PC, a desktop application that includes all the functionalities of the veteran software suite. Normally, it is the one that you will use the most on your laptop or desktop PC.
You can also access Webtrader using a modern web browser, regardless of the device. It can be useful for Mac users who don't want to load a Windows virtual machine, for example. Or also if you are on another PC and you need to access your account. Webtrader does not install anything and has all the functionalities of MT4.
Finally, you can also install a mobile app that allows you to be informed of the evolution of your positions at all times. You can perform fast operations wherever you are, thus being the perfect companion for the trader.
Do you have anything to learn?
Yes, you have a section called "Education" that contains an interesting amount of electronic books, courses, videos, tutorials, webinars ... all in perfect Spanish. Of course, it is not much material, but it is useful.

How do I open an account?
Creating an account in Brokereo is a simple process: fill in some forms, send some documents and wait for approval. The request for data is a legal requirement for your own security and protection.
If your request is approved, you will be able to access your new account with your credentials. Unless you are a veteran trader, you start with a silver account, which is the most basic of the three available.

Each account level adds some potential benefits, such as swap discounts, better spreads, higher leverage, etc. As these potential advantages may vary, it is best to consult the Brokereo website directly, but in principle they are very similar to the rest of the sector.

Without a doubt, the good reputation of Brokereo is well deserved. It has numerous prizes and awards granted by specialized media, and user ratings are excellent, except for a few isolated cases.
On the issue of legality, they more than comply.
In short, a serious, professional, and highly recommended broker.

The information above is for education purposes only and cannot be considered as investment advice. Past performance is not reliable indicator of future results.

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