You may have come to this article looking for information about one of the regulated brokers available to start trading with. In this review we analyze in depth their trading platform to answer any questions that you may have.
It is important to emphasize before starting that choosing a broker is a very important thing when it comes to trading, especially if you are starting out. A broker should provide you with information for you, especially if you at first have a lot of insecurity when working with the software, or about the operation of commissions, operations, etc. Therefore, in this analysis we evaluate several essential aspects:

  • Legality.
  • Security.
  • Confidence.
  • Customer service.
  • Services.

With these 5 points we can offer you a very complete overview so that from there you decide if 101investing is for you.
In addition, this quick guide will also help you learn how to analyze other brokers and thus decide for yourself without external influences. First of all, make your decisions consciously and calmly, valuable qualities in a trader.
What 101investing offers
Online trading platforms are not new. There is a wide variety to choose from, and almost all offer a catalog of assets to invest through contracts for difference, which is the most common formula in recent times. Such financial transactions allow anyone to access and benefit from the investment in the markets without the need for actual purchases and sales.
101investing gives you the tools you need to operate on a wide range of assets.

And what sets this broker apart from the others?
As we've seen before, there are 5 essential factors you need to examine before making your selection. And, without a doubt, of those five, the most important is that of legality. If the broker is not regulated, you will not have any protection against abuse or loss. So let's see it.
Regulation and legality
The first step you must take on any trading platform you are considering to open an account is to verify that it is indeed a legal and authorized broker. On the internet it is very easy to create a misleading website that looks corporate and then be a fraud,so you should always perform this step.
To do this, the law requires the company to put its public information in an accessible way on the website itself. There must be a link that takes you to a page where the terms and conditions, registration data, company headquarters, etc. appear.
Normally this link is in the footer, but in the case of 101investing it has been placed in the main menu itself. Just enter the "Legal" option and you will see a page with many documents to download and browse.

The amount of information available is generous, and it's a good sign. A transparent broker is more reliable than one that tries to hide information, remember that.
Among the documents you will see that there are several that detail the different policies, forms, documents with information about the products, etc.
Once these documents have been examined, we have been able to verify that we are actually dealing with a legal and regulated company. 101investing is operated by FXBFI Broker Financial Invest Ltd., a company based in Cyprus.
In the commercial register of the city of Limassol we find your registration number, the 4582, and its registered office (79, Spyrou Kyprianou Ave., MGO Protopapas Building, 1stfloor, zip code 3076).
And because it is registered in Cyprus as a company that provides financial services, it is in turn regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license 315/16. It is a strict government agency that is responsible for verifying that the broker is acting correctly, protecting investors. It also appears in the register of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) of Spain.
It even complies with strict European MiFID II regulations, which regulate the operation of companies that offer financial tools on European territory.
That is, 101investing has the necessary authorization to operate legally. This provides a high degree of tranquility and, from our point of view, it is essential.
Prestige and awards
Another factor to consider when assessing trust is the prestige of the broker. To find out, the following should be investigated:

  • Awards and mentions by the specialized press.
  • Valuations on prestigious websites.
  • Reviews and articles.
  • User reviews.

To collect all this information, a large number of sources must be taken into account. For example, some of the most important forums rank with recommended brokers, there are entities and specialized press that awards annual prizes in different categories, etc.
101investing also stands out in this section, especially for the large number of prizes received. Only in 2020 does it accumulate an enviable list:

  • Award for the best cryptocurrency broker (World Finance Forex Awards 2020).
  • Award for best FX broker in Europe in 2020 (Brokercheck).
  • Award for best start-up broker in Europe in 2020 (A+OZ Markets).
  • Best Execution Broker Award (World Forex Award 2020).
  • Award for the best trading application (Forex Awards 2020).

In addition, there are many positive reviews and ratings.
Therefore, we consider as researched that this trading platform is reliable, so we can deposit money and trade normally.
Customer service
Another important aspect is knowing that there is someone on the other side. To do this, it is necessary to carefully examine the customer service taking into account the communication channels it offers. In general, it's very important that you offer at least one way to talk to an agent live, either by chat or videoconference. Ideally, it's an exclusive phone line.
In this case, 101investing offers multiple communication channels: email, chat, and even phone line. We have tried the service and the truth is that we have been treated very kindly, seriously, and they help if you need them.
The products
101investing offers an extensive catalog, consisting of more than 250 CFDs on assets from different markets, which allow you to configure your investment portfolio however you want, so you can implement your personal strategy. Assets range from stocks to cryptocurrencies, nothing is left in the inkwell, with a selection of the most prominent in the corresponding market.
Certainly, unless you're looking for very specific things, you've got it all here.

They are divided into 6 categories, and you can check the specific assets directly on the website itself, but we leave here a summary:

  • Forex

We all like Forex. The forex market has something magical, perhaps it is because many of us start trading with currency exchange, and it is one of the most widespread markets between professional traders and beginners alike. Certainly, there is a lot of information available (courses, tools, analysis...) for anyone that wants to trade in Forex.
The foreign exchange market is very old, although only in recent times has it been opened to individuals and small investors. In addition, thanks to contracts for difference, there is no need to make purchases and sales of coins.
101investing offers a complete range of pairs to choose from: euro-dollar, dollar-euro, pound-euro... including little-known coins.

  • Criptomonedas

Of course, there was no lack of fashion investment. Cryptos appeared in 2008 in a somewhat peculiar way. In a cryptography forum, a certain Satoshi Nakamoto (fictitious name, it is not yet known who he is) created Bitcoin, a virtual crypto currency that is generated from complex cryptographic algorithms.
Although this market has had many swings, detractors and potters who claimed its demise "shortly", the reality is that the main currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum...) have become increasingly entrenched and follow a positive evolution over long periods. Inthisway, it is a market of high volatility, so there are many opportunities but also risks.
The broker offers us a very complete catalog that includes the most well-known cryptos, something that is appreciated. You won't have to make any virtual wallets, or open an account in any exchange house, as you will trade CFDs as with other assets.

  • Raw materials and metals

Commodities have been one of the most common investments since the beginning of civilization. First it was food products, such as rice, barley, wheat, salt... and other types of commodities for consumption and industry were gradually being added.
The advantage of raw materials lies in their extensive history and cyclical properties that can increase the success rate of your investments.
In 101investing we offer a selection that includes the most common ones, including gold.

  • Stocks and indices

Enjoy the excitement of the stock exchange without buying and selling shares. Simply enter the asset catalog, select the companies you want to speculate on and open your positions when you want. This broker offers you a wide selection of high-level international companies, such as Apple, Amazon, etc.
In addition, you can also invest in stock indices, a curiosity typical of contracts for difference, in a special selection that includes all the most important worldwide: S&P 500, NASDAQ, etc.
Training and software tools
101investing has an education section where you can find many learning resources in Spanish: e-books, videos, seminars, tutorials...

Although they are not very abundant, they have a high quality, so they will be of use to you. In addition, they are free publicly accessible, so you can take a look at them before opening your account.
As for the software, 101investing offers us a very veteran software suite for the management of trading operations. It's called Meta Trader4, and it's a flagship widely used by traders around the world.

The software can be used on various platforms. Webtrader is the web application that you can access with a modern browser, regardless of your device. Just log into the platform via a link or URL, enter your credentials, and you can now use all the work software.
On the other hand, there is also the possibility to download an app on your mobile and operate from there. This app is optimized for small touch screens, so it's ideal to be informed at all times of how your positions are going and act quickly if necessary.
If you want to create an account in 101investing, you will need to fill out some forms and submit the documents that you are told. It's important that it's real data, otherwise you will have trouble identifying yourself.
Remember, always real data. What they ask of you is what the law demands of them, so it's meant for your protection.

Once you have submitted your registration, 101investing's Account Managers will contact you to help you if needed. 101invedsting offers different types of trading accounts. See below.

101investing is a very solid option whether you are starting out or already have experience as a trader.
They offer dedicated assistance, and their asset catalog is broad. They use Meta Trader, and they also have an Education section where you they provide with information about the market and trading in general.
The verdict is: fully recommended.